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Vladimir Krcmar, OLS, OLIP
Only quality makes the difference. To stay at the top, everything that is done here and goes out of the office must be correct.
Founder and President of Krcmar Surveyors Ltd., Vladimir began his career as a Land Surveyor in 1960. He calls upon his decades of experience to inspire his team of experts—a team that includes his children, Saša, Tom and Maja, as principals. Each plays a key role in carrying on the Krcmar tradition.
Saša Krcmar, BSc, MBA, OLS, OLIP
The pride of our family name is behind everything we do. We stand by our work, just as our father, Vladimir, has always done.
Saša’s passion for land surveying is bred in the bone. Licensed by the AOLS in 1995, Saša is a Principal and Managing Director. A condominium specialist with expertise in all aspects of cadastral surveying, he considers the big picture when translating his father’s vision into reality.
Maja Krcmar, BSc, OLS, OLIP
It’s rewarding when clients do well because of our work. At the end of the day, Krcmar is all about helping clients succeed through exemplary teamwork.
Principal and Managing Director Maja enjoys working with her brother Saša to fulfill the company’s commitment to clients. Licensed by the AOLS in 1995, she is a condominium specialist with expertise in all aspects of cadastral surveying. She focuses on the meticulous details that enable the firm to respond to requests accurately and efficiently.
Tom Krcmar, BSc, OLS, OLIP
We’re good at what we do, which is why clients keep coming back. We lead the market, and we intend to continue growing.
Tom is a Principal and Managing Director with 25 years’ experience in land surveying. Commissioned as an Ontario Land Surveyor in 2006, he serves as office coordinator for ongoing projects. Tom’s responsibilities include hiring and making sure Krcmar’s staff members are happy and productive in this hands-on industry, where many people represent the Krcmar name.
Robert Wiegenbröker, BSc, OLS, OLIP
It’s exciting working at Krcmar. We’re like the Ghostbusters of the industry: when you need quality surveying done, who you gonna call?
Fascinated by land surveying from his teenage years, Robert brings to the Krcmar table over 30 years’ experience. He is licensed in Ontario and British Columbia by the AOLS and BCLS, respectively. Now a construction specialist at Krcmar, he was the Supervising Construction Surveyor for several landmark projects, including The Ritz Carlton, Toronto; Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto and the Absolute (“Marilyn Monroe”) Towers.
Rodrigo Batol, BSc
The beauty of working at Krcmar is that we have such a cohesive, yet diverse, team. If anyone is stuck, there is always someone to ask for help.
A Project Director with 35 years’ experience in surveying and land-development projects, Rodrigo started in the business when land surveyors relied on slide rules, logarithmic tables and hand-drafted plans. He is a condominium specialist who has embraced modern technology, and who still considers land-surveying-plan preparation an art.
J. Eduardo Linhares, BSc (Hons), OLS, OLIP
The people at Krcmar are more than a team; we’re family. We share what we know, and if we have a question, we’re encouraged to ask.
Eduardo is a Project Director and condominium specialist with more than 20 years’ experience in surveying and development. His background includes an environmental management degree. Licensed by the AOLS in 1998, this natural-born problem-solver thrives on challenge and the complexity of the projects Krcmar takes on. He was responsible for the registration of the Marilyn Monroe Towers.
Sase N. Ramsamooj, OLS, OLIP
I have a passion for intricacies, which helps me in my job. I have a lot to do with quality control at Krcmar.
As a Project Director, Sase has over 35 years’ experience in land surveying. He was licensed by the AOLS in 1984, and is a specialist in cadastral, control and engineering surveys. One of Krcmar’s newest team members, he ensures that legal plans exceed industry standards.
Michael McKechnie, BASc, OLS, OLIP
Advanced technology and a large, diverse leadership team are competitive advantages for Krcmar. Accuracy and timing are critical, and we have amazing resources.
After assuming part-time work in land surveying in 1996—at the age of 12—and full-time work in 2007, Michael was licensed by the AOLS and joined Krcmar in 2012, bringing 16 years of experience to the table. With expertise in cadastral surveying, he is a Project Director and new-home-construction specialist for large-scale low-rise residential developments.