Glossary beginning with N

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NAD 27

Horizontal coordinate system used with the origin at station MEADS RANCH.

NAD 83

Horizontal coordinate system for U.S., Canada and Mexico. Originally published in 1986, it is based upon the GRS 80 ellipsoid. Coordinates may change according to epoch referenced.

Natural Boundaries

A boundary defined by a natural feature such as the bank of a body of water or the middle thread of a stream.

Natural Flow

The rate of water movement past a specified point on a natural stream . The flow comes from a drainage area in which there has been no stream diversion caused by storage, import, export, return flow, or change in consumptive use caused by man-controlled modifications to land use. Natural flow rarely occurs in a developed area.


In Ontario navigability is determined by the following criteria: (1) A stream is navigable in law if it is navigable in fact; (2) if it is capable in its natural state of being traversed at least by small craft, or even, in the Canadian context, if it is floatable in the sense that it is used to float logs, log rafts and booms; (3) so long as it is realistically capable of being so used; (4) the stream may be navigable over part of its course and not navigable over other parts and hence its navigability may be determined independently at different locations; (5) the test identifies a lake or stream as a public water over which the public have an inherent right to pass, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Moreover, the test remains open to definition in light of modern needs of the public; (6) the essence of the test of navigability in law is that a stream be a public aqueous highway used or capable of use by the public.


Acronym for North of Dundas Street.

Krcmar Surveyors Ltd.

The direction in which a compass needle normally points, towards the horizon on the left-hand side of a person facing east, or the part of the horizon lying in this direction.


Includes prothonotarial.

Notice of Claim

Document registered in the prescribed form and includes a notice registered under The Investigation of Titles Act.

Notice Period

The period ending on the day 40 years after the later of,
(a) The day of the registration of an instrument that first creates a claim, or
(b) The day of the registration of a notice of claim for a claim.