Glossary beginning with Q

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Quality Assurance

The procedural and operational framework used by modellers to assure technically and scientifically adequate execution of the tasks included in the study to assure that all analysis is reproducible and defensible.

Quality of Title

Generally an opinion provided by a lawyer confirming that there is uncontested ownership to a parcel with identifiable encumbrances (e.g. mortgage, easement), if any.

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Quantity of Title

The size and shape of a land parcel defined by survey and/or legal description; also referred to as "Quantity of Title".

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Quit Claim Deed

A deed in the nature of a release containing words of conveyance as well as release. It conveys any interest the maker may have in the property described without any representations or liability of any kind as to title conveyed or encumbrances that may exist thereon. Used under Registry Act to quiet potential title issues.


Quoins are decorative rectangles or squares of stone, brick, wood or concrete, placed at the corners of buildings to add architectural interest.