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Our Technology

Technology advances, challenges and brings about evolution in every profession. With an eye for innovation and a commitment to provide the highest quality surveys, Krcmar is at the forefront of the land surveying industry with the latest cutting-edge technologies.

TimeMetrics™ Project Management System

Every project that we undertake for our clients involves a variety of team players, computer applications, equipment and supplies. Keeping track of the various resources used is always a challenge for those providing professional services. When existing software was found to fall short of the needs of Krcmar’s unique services, we developed our own cutting-edge software.

In 2001, Krcmar developed TimeMetrics™. This proprietary Internet-based project management system remains at the forefront of anything developed for the practice of surveying in Canada. Not only does TimeMetrics™ organize and document the time spent by staff and the equipment used to accomplish each task, but it also provides the framework for accessing all the information and resources in the Krcmar system of records.

Designed as a secure online data source, TimeMetrics™ allows our people to access information from anywhere in the world. Field crews can even retrieve multiple detailed survey plans and data without the need to return to the office.

TimeMetrics™ records the history of all our projects and continues to add new applications that enable us to provide cost-effective service to our clients, from project inception to plan registration.

TimeMetrics™—part of the Krcmar advantage!

Instant Online Access to over 350,000 Survey Plans

Of all the features that set Krcmar apart from the competition, our standing as the largest holder of survey records in Ontario is at the top of the list. The in-house availability of these records through our proprietary TimeMetrics™ system is invaluable, especially to our field staff, who have hundreds of thousands of records at their fingertips, wherever they are. Records are also available for purchase and download through our partners at Land Survey Records (LSR). In fact, Krcmar holds a substantial percentage of LSR’s Greater Toronto Area survey records. Eventually, Krcmar will hold 600,000 plans, with many under the company’s copyright.

AutoCAD 2013 Software

In an ever-evolving field such as land surveying, keeping up with the most advanced AutoCAD design and drafting software is important. Krcmar stays on the leading edge by updating these resources continually, so that we can interact efficiently with architects and engineers. We employ the official AutoCAD program, which is easy to use and in line with the practices of the other disciplines involved.

Specialized Survey Programs

At Krcmar, we pride ourselves on developing specialized software that helps us achieve our goals, thereby helping our clients to achieve theirs. One example is the plan-checking report, which calculates accurate land areas that satisfy the performance standards of the Surveyors Act of Ontario. The software developed to calculate the area, even of unusually shaped properties, is an important part of Krcmar’s quality control.

Large-Format Plotters, Scanners and Folding Machines

Need 60 copies of a condominium draft plan to submit to the municipality right away? It’s a breeze for Krcmar. Among our leading-edge tools are three E-size laser printers/scanners and a large-size colour printer. We even have a large-format cutting machine and—our favourite—folding machines. In the span of only five to 10 minutes, a client can have plans printed, cut and folded. This allows Krcmar to not only internally control the quality of its final plan products, but also ensure an exceedingly fast turnaround, providing our clients with the very best time-sensitive service.

Global Positioning System

The use of satellites in land surveying is one of the industry’s most important technological leaps of the past decade. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) result in astounding accuracy—of within a few centimetres or better—and they provide ground coordinates related to established worldwide systems. The Government of Ontario and the City of Toronto have made this coordinate integration part of the requirements for new land surveys. GPS enables improved production and efficiency in an industry that has already seen lightning-fast changes in technology.

Reflectorless Instruments

Imagine that you are asked to survey the facade of a tall historic building, to prepare for its restoration. With a reflectorless instrument, the unreachable becomes attainable. An invaluable tool for collecting data on inaccessible points, this innovative technology enables surveyors to achieve accuracy without having to place a physical target at pre-determined points. The laser can be aimed at any spot on the building or at neighbouring structures without the surveyor having to step onto those properties. In addition to cost savings, there are safety advantages: surveyors can assess hazardous locations such as rock faces and cliffs, and conduct surveys in live-traffic areas without having to venture into dangerous situations. This opens the door to one person accomplishing what used to take two or more field personnel to accomplish.

Robotic One-Person Instruments

Traditional survey instruments were manual optical telescopes set on tripods. With advances in robotics and lasers, a new generation of survey instruments has been introduced. Lasers provide precise measurements and pinpoint directions, allowing one experienced field person to “guide” the robotic instrument as it locates the survey points. The instrument automatically rotates to find the field person, leading to increased accuracy and improved efficiency. The robotic one-person instrument is yet another way that Krcmar remains at the forefront of technology allowing us to serve our clients well.