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Rogers Stadium Limited Partnership

Public Space/Park

Development ongoing (October 2023–March 2024)


Home to the Toronto Blue Jays and a host of other events, the Rogers Centre has recently undergone extensive renovations, completely redesigning the 34-year-old stadium. The initial phase of renovations, carried out in the 2022-2023 off-season, focused on transforming the upper level into a communal space where fans can socialize while enjoying the game. During the recent 2023-2024 off-season, the stadium underwent further enhancements, this time targeting the lower bowl. The process involved excavating the field level, creating underground space for new player facilities, and a reduced foul territory bringing spectators closer to the action.  The park will also introduce premium clubs that will set a new standard for ballpark amenities. These renovations promise an enriched viewing experience for baseball enthusiasts and are expected to extend the stadium's lifespan by 10-15 years. 

Krcmar provided the following land-surveying services for the renovations at Rogers Center:

Confirmation of as-built information for;

•    Grid control points for both elevation and lateral location/radians.
•    CIP Foundation work relative to the Precast Concrete
•    Precast Embed location confirmation including any out-of-tolerance conditions that may be present.
•    Foundation top of concrete elevations at precast interface
•    Upper-level ring-beam elevation and location relative to precast interface
•    Steel raker lateral location relative to the ascribed radian grids and top of beam elevation at precast interface including any out-of-tolerance issues that may be present.
•    Confirmation of “can” connection locations within the raker beams intended for precast connection.